Hosting During the Holidays: Our Ideas for Creating the Perfect Party Atmosphere!

Hosting During the Holidays: Our Ideas for Creating the Perfect Party Atmosphere!

We can get together for the holidays this December and since for many this will be the first true occasion in three years, hosts will assuredly want to make sure their parties are a success.

Is this the case for you as well? If you will be welcoming your friends and family into your house during this festive time of year, we have some pointers on how you can fill your home with Christmas magic. 

Rethink You Table Decor

When it comes to decorating the table, forget the flowers and Christmas villages. The first dry out quickly and the second can be expensive as only high-end collections look good. Instead, opt for paper pines trees in neutral colours, for example. This adds a touch of whimsy to the table while being modern in design. Arrange them in groups of odd numbers for a simple but ingenious embellishment. Their greatest advantage is that after the party you can store them flat, taking up practically no space in the closet.

Prepare the Kitchen

People naturally congregate around the kitchen island during any gathering. Fill this space with holiday cheer by decorating it as you would the living room or front yard. For example, you might hang stylish gingerbread people to the light fixtures or a garland of wool Christmas balls, or lay out a set of beautifully embellished cocktail glasses, etc. Indeed, your guest will appreciate a well-appointed bar nook, with glasses, spirits, and the necessary accessories—and you won’t have to serve drinks the entire time.

Give a Nod to Pop Culture

Everyone has heard of Christmas comedies like Home Alone and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Some big box stores sell complete ornament sets inspired by these mythic movies. As soon as they walk in, your guest will know these halls are decked in honour of a great film classic. If you don’t like to take holiday decorating too seriously, this idea is for you!

Include the Children

Will you also be hosting younger dinner guests over the holidays? Set up a little area just for them. Erect a tent or tipi and string fairy lights or multicoloured star lights around it. Include a flashlight, books, and a few sweet treats like candy canes so that the little ones will want to spend as much time as possible in their private wonderland.   

Declutter the House

Your guest will have a harder time relaxing and enjoying their visit in a cluttered house. Think about how each area will be used, starting with the entryway. There will be more occupants in your residence than usual: make sure there is enough room in the closet for all those extra coats and boots. Add storage as needed, like a secondary closet or a clothes rack on wheels in the garage. An old-fashioned but practical solution for dripping boots is to put them in the bath! And coats can always be laid over the bed—to the delight of the kids!

Don’t Forget the Music

Too much noise—just like visual clutter—can become irritating. And we all know that Christmas music isn’t everyone’s cup of tea! To keep the grumbling to a minimum, compile a mix of instrumental pieces, instead of tunes with lyrics.

Two Decor Trends for 2022–2023

This year, the two major holiday decor themes are bright, bold, and glamorous OR subtle and sophisticated. There is no middle way! For the first style, think glitter, gold, and majestic firs. For the second, focus on a combination of black and wood tones, like a dark tablecloth, log coasters and a centrepiece made of evergreen boughs. 

Whichever one you choose, you will easily find elements to integrate into your decor. Stick to a single scheme throughout the house for a guaranteed festive atmosphere!

We wish you much success with your holiday hosting this year!

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