5 Tips and Tricks for a Quick Autumn House Sale

5 Tips and Tricks for a Quick Autumn House Sale

Along with the weather, the real estate market tends to cool down in the fall. A drop in available properties in combination with the fact that most buyers prefer to move in spring or summer (or, at the very least before the start of the school year for the majority of parents) make it harder to sell properties.


Moreover, the current market is already slowing down as a result of the post-pandemic hike in interest rates. Nonetheless, even in such a context, it is possible to conduct a successful sale! So, what can you do to make your house stand out and maximize your chances of finding a buyer?

Beautify the Outdoor Living Space

Continue to tidy up the yard regularly so that it always looks its best for buyers. Rake the leaves, clear the gutters, repaint where needed, prune bushes, add fall flowers, buy a new door mat, and sweep the front porch and walkway before every visit. A well-maintained home will inspire confidence in buyers who will then find it much easier to imagine living there.


Get the Rooms Ready for Photos

To stand out and charm buyers, your residence must be in impeccable condition. This doesn’t mean yours must be a luxury property. It’s all about knowing how to make it as attractive as possible to buyers on listing sites. Ideally, the house will be cleaned and decluttered of all superfluous or overly personal items. To encourage the greatest number of potential buyers to want to make the space their own and come see the residence without delay, the photos, taken by a professional, should depict a minimalist decor.

If you can, get the house ready for a photo shoot at the start of the season, when the leaves in the trees are at their most colourful for added visual appeal. If you know in advance that you must move the coming fall, take the outdoor photos in the summer. This is an especially valuable tip if your yard is particularly well landscaped.


Highlight the Property’s Best Features

An autumnal ambiance will look wonderful on photos and for visits. Nevertheless, skip the Halloween decorations in favour of a darker and neutral decor throughout. Additionally, open the windows (a few minutes will suffice) in each room before every visit to let the fresh fall breeze in. Then think about creating a cozy atmosphere by scenting your home with a pumpkin spice, orange, pine or eucalyptus essential oil diffuser. What buyer could resist! A scented candle will work just as well. But don’t blow out the flame as this will give off a burnt smell. Use a snuffer instead.

Increase the Amount of Light

Dusk comes on earlier in the fall, so clean all your windows to make the most of the available sunlight. Leave the lights on, even in the daytime. The view will be breathtaking inside and out! You can equally replace the lightbulbs in your fixtures with the highest recommended watt bulbs to maximize your home’s illumination. Paint the walls in pale colours, which many buyers prefer and, most importantly, reflect the light better. This is not a negligible advantage during the darkest time of the year.


Embrace the Warmth of the Season

Turn on the gas or electric fireplace on during viewings. Reorganize the home’s communal spaces (living room, patio, dining room) to create conversation areas so that buyers can imagine themselves hosting their friends and family in each room. Offer some refreshments, like cider and pumpkin cookies, during open houses to make sure potential buyers remember their visit.


By implementing these fall sale tips, you are sure to set your home apart from the other properties on the real estate market!

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